Jazzgitarristen Derek Bailey har avlidit

2005-12-26 20:00
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Meddelande från Martin Davidson, London:
"Derek Bailey died aged 75 in London in the early hours of December 25. He had Motor Neuron Disease."

Derek Bailey dog alltså den 25/12 2005 av sjukdomen ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Bailey var en mycket känd gitarrist och föregångare inom fri improviserad jazz. Han blev 75 år.

Utdrag från "Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

Derek Bailey (born January 29, 1930 - 25 December 2005) was a free improvising avant garde guitarist.

Bailey was born in Sheffield, England. He played the guitar from an early age, studying with John Duarte among others. He found work as a guitarist in clubs, radio, dance halls, and so on. He began to play in a trio in Sheffield with Tony Oxley and Gavin Bryars called Joseph Holbrooke. Although originally performing relatively traditional jazz this group became increasingly free in direction.

In 1970, Bailey founded the record label Incus with Tony Oxley and Evan Parker, often said to be the first independent label owned by musicians.

In 1980, he wrote the book Improvisation: Its Nature and Practice. This was adapted by UK's Channel Four into a four part TV series in the early nineties, edited and narrated by Bailey.

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