TEAM UP improviserar i Stockholm

2005-07-21 21:11
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Instrument: Visa
TEAM UP (US), på Fylkingen den 29 juli kl. 19.30.

Två musiker från Los Angeles improvisationsscen framträder för första gången i Stockholm.

- Chris Heenan - saxofoner
- Jeremy Drake - gitarr

De gästas av:
- Andreas Axelsson - slagverk
- Lisa Drake - dans

Den engelskspråkiga presentationen lyder:


Jeremy Drake is an improvising guitar player, sound artist and educator living in Los Angeles. He has continuing projects with the following
artists: Mitchell Brown, Jessica Catron, Alex Cline, Nels Cline, Harris Eisenstadt, Vinny Golia, Chris Heenan, Kurt Heyl, David Kendall, Noah Phillips, David Rothbaum, G.E. Stinson, Rich West, Ben Wright and has performed and/or recorded with many others. Jeremy was nominated as Best Uncategorizable Artist in the 2004 LA Music Weekly Awards.



Chris Heenan currently resides in Stuttgart as a fellow at Schloss Solitude. His work there includes expanding his vocabulary on his reed instruments as well as developing skills on the modular analog synthesizer which he incorporates into his acoustic sounds. Some current projects include Team Up, a trio with guitarist Jeremy Drake and revolving third member percussionist; a quintet with percussionist Karen Stackpole, sound artist Steve Roden, guitarist Rod Poole and trombonist Tucker Dulin; the improvising quartet Phantom Limb and Bison, a trio with pianist MaritSchlechte and guitarist Alban Bailly, as well as ongoing duo collaborations with Chris Forsyth, Shawn Hansen, Jaime Fennelly and Birgit Ulher as well as multiple ad-hoc improvisation performances with musicians throughout Germany and the US.

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