BOSS AD-5 Preamp Kanon för akustiska med piezo/magnet mik.!

2007-08-18 13:27
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Instrument: Visa
Boss ad-5 akustisk pre-amp.ny i kartong

PRIS: Seriösa bud.

BOSS AD-5 Effektprocessor för din akustiska gitarr med Piezo mik.eller Magnet/soundhole mik.

Ny i box!!! Aldrig giggad.Med originalmanual. OCH ADAPTER. Nypris 4995 kronor!!! Utgången och stark eftertraktad...
Fishman Aura passade mig bättre. Fungerar även som enbart DI Box.
Otroligt bra kvalitetsPreamp för din halv-akustiska med ingång för magnetmik eller piezomik.
DI box
Mik simulator
rundgångseliminator. Bara plug and play!!

BOSS AD-5 Acoustic Instrument Processor

The BOSS AD-5 Acoustic Instrument Processor offers everything electric-acoustic guitar and bass players need to produce full, rich acoustic sounds through an amplifier, PA system, or in the studio.

Flagship acoustic instrument processor for live and studio applications
Specially voiced preamp with four-band EQ
High-quality reverb, chorus and anti-feedback effects
Innovative "Acoustic" effect uses separate "Body" and "Ambience" controls to turn the brittle, sterile sounds of a piezo pickup into the rich, "airy" sound of a mic'd acoustic guitar
Separate piezo and magnetic pickup inputs
1/4" effects insert jack
Stereo 1/4" unbalanced and balanced XLR outpuT ,DI BOX.
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