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Moment festival - Festival

Moment festival

f e s t i v a l

frim presenterar internationell improviserad musik med:
Tetuzi Akiyama(Japan) | Charlotte Hug(Schweiz) | Caroline Kraabel(UK/USA) | Eve Risser(Frankrike) | Konatus + Dror Feiler | Nina de Heney | Christer Bothén | Eric Carlsson
Lisa Ullén Quartet | Jonna Sandell | Joel Grip

3-4 November på Fylkingen. Öppet från kl 18. Entré: 150kr / dag,
250kr för båda. 100 kr / dag för stud och frim- eller fylkingenmedlemmar. Torkelknutssonsgata 2Ög. T-Mariatorget. Info och bokning tel 070 605 77 97.

Med stöd av Kulturrådet och Stockholms Stad


18.00: Doors open.
19:30: Joel Grip and Eve Risser
20.30: Nina de Heney and Charlotte Hug
22.00: Tetuzi Akiyama solo
23.00: Konatus and Dror Feiler
01.00: The bar closes

18.00: Doors open
19:30: Ad Hoc – Nina de Heney, Lisa Ullén, Caroline Kraabel and Eve Risser (flute)
20.30: Christer Bothén and Eric Carlsson
22.00: Lisa Ullén Quartet
23.00: Ad Hoc – Tetuzi Akiyama, Joel Grip, David Linnros, Caroline Kraabel and Jonna Sandell
01.00: The bar closes

14.00: Workshop with Eve Risser and Joel Grip (free)


EVE RISSER, piano, flute
Born in 1982, Eve at first started to play classical music with flute and piano for chamber music, then turned to the contemporary music and jazz/improvised music. She is a student in National Superior Music Conservatoiry in Paris. Eagering to explicate herself through oral and written current music, she plays in some jazz groups, jazz rock groups, and also solo with her sound objects (toys, game boys and turntables) when she improvises.

JOEL GRIP, double bass
Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Joel Grip is currently traveling the world conversing, via his instrument, with musicians and artists from a wide palette of backgrounds. He has received a performance diploma from the improvised music program at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore USA, where he studied double bass under the master tutelage of Michael Formanek. Through performing at internationals festivals like High Zero and recording with legends like Gary Thomas he has become an increasingly active member of the US east coast scene of creative music. He has shown a versatile and energetic style of musicianship, and still not letting go of his very own sound and creativity; a creativity of his which is also let out through his solid organizational work and filming. He is the initiative taker for the ideas and projects of Public Health Music that now include a CD and DVD production with homeless kids and youth in Ukraine.

CHARLOTTE HUG, viola and NINA DE HENEY, double bass
The duo met for the first time in the beginning of 2006 in Zürich. After a couple of succesful concerts in Copenhagen and Gothenburg in March, a lust for further playing together was born. A lot of bowing, in all different directions: in air as well as musically; at times through sweeping gestures, and sometimes as minimalistic vibrations. Two Swiss musicians in a free form mountain chain.

Tetuzi Akiyama plays the guitar with primitive and practical implications, by adding a desire of his own to the instrument's characteristic nature in minimal and straight method. He delicately and sometimes boldly controls the volume of the sound from micro to macro level, and tries to quantize his physical system. Akiyama released his first solo album Relator (slub music) in 2001. Mixing feelings of country and blues with free improvisation, Akiyama began to perform solo with greater frequency playing both acoustic and electric guitars, turntables without records and other effects. Using a prepared resonator guitar with a Samurai sword, Akiyama recorded his second solo album Resophonie (a bruit secret, 2002) which can be described as sonic sculpture with guitar.

Konatus are three persons whose dichotomic music takes form as electronic and acoustic soundproduction, noise and sounds, control and ecstasy. At Moment they play for the third time with noise- and improvisationmaestro Dror Feiler. He is a musician that always works with extremes, trying to overcome the deafness of the listener. In the ‘70s Dror Feiler started the legendary improv-group Lokomotiv Konkret. He also works as a composer with many commissions in Europe and Sweden and has played with among others Hans Ola Ericsson, Mats Gustafsson, Henry Kaiser, Fred Frith, Tom Cora, Sten Sandell, Phil Minton, Shoji Hano, Blixa Bargeld, Zbigniew Karkowski and Merzbow.
David Linnros – saxophones & electronics, Niklas Korssell – drums, Ida Lundén – piano, electronics, Dror Feiler – saxophones & electronics

I grew up in Seattle, USA, and came to London as a teenager, just too late to realise my punk dreams. Instead I discovered the saxophone and expressed my love for it via indie bands and street performance. As I gradually became aware of London’s vibrant improvised music scene, I got more involved with the physicality of the instrument, extended techniques, and eventually with acoustics. This more attentive listening led me to continuing research into electricity and music: reproduction (recording, amplification), synthesis and their overlooked implications, which is documented on my website:

CHRISTER BOTHÉN, bass clarinet and ERIC CARLSSON, drums
Christer and Erik have worked together since February 2006 and are soon to release a record on the Kningdisk label. Their music is often described as “utterly naked and objective”, a duo that stretches the concept of music.

Swedish free-jazz/improvising ensemble Lisa Ullén Quartet formed in Stockholm in 2004. The members’ collective musical experience encompass everything from jazz and punk to blues and chamber music. Since its inception the quartet has gigged frequently in the Stockholm area. Their first CD ”Big Bang ” is released by independent record label and book publisher Disorder Productions.
Lisa Ullén – piano, Mats Äleklint – trombone, Ulf Åkerhielm – bass, Andreas Axelsson – drums

Jonna is a singer, composer and violinist working in many different groups from a wide range of musical contexts. She is a member of the EAM ensemble ReSurge, and pop-improv group [is]. She is also member of the Great Learning Orchestra and the performance group KEL. She has composed music for Stockholms Stadsteater, Dramatiska Intstitutet and KEL.


  • 2006-11-03 i Stockholm, Fylkingen. 100 - 250 SEK
  • 2006-11-04 i Stockholm, Fylkingen. 100 - 250 SEK


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